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One of the most unpleasant lifestyle conditions to have in today’s time and age is diabetes, where your body loses its ability to control the blood sugar levels in your body. With a plethora of other problems and effects that it has on our bodies, diabetes is known to slow down our healing. This raises another set of queries and confusions in people willing to take other treatments for different situations.

This includes getting a dental implant. The problem is that while diabetes is ruining your overall health, a missing tooth can cause the situation to worsen with time. You see, a missing tooth can cause your cheeks to sag and bring more signs of ageing to your face than age itself can. But since common knowledge is that dental implants need at least 6 months to heal and are titanium posts inserted into your jaw bone, diabetes may pose a huge problem for people looking to get implants.

In such a case, the question about the safety of the use of dental implants is completely legitimate for diabetics to ask. Here is a quick look at this matter so you can get all the answers you need before you go for your dental implant procedure.

Effect of Diabetes on Dental Implant

Diabetes affects the entire body in ways that can be described as disruptive. For people looking to replace a missing tooth while also struggling with diabetes, there are a number of options. A dental implant is usually preferred by people when they need a treatment that lasts long, replicates the natural tooth as closely as it can, and provides support to the rest of the teeth.

However, they rely on the body’s healing power so the root can be integrated into the jawbone. This is followed by the gums healing around the implant. This healing process is what makes the implant seem like a real tooth and a more permanent solution than bridges and dentures. However, as talked about above, diabetes gets in between the healing process, which significantly increases the chances of implant failure.

While it is true that implants have a really high success rate (95%), but even they can fail if proper care is not taken. And an underlying condition like diabetes can significantly reduce the success rate as well.

But Is It Safe?

Yes, if your diabetes is well under control and your health is completely in your favour, you can get a dental implant. In fact, a dental implant is a better option to help you heal and to follow diabetes based diet as compared to bridges and dentures. You don’t even have to worry about implant failure if you are on top of your health. And for knowing the exact status of whether you can get an implant or not, it is always important to disclose your exact medical history to your dentist.

So the bottom line is that yes dental implants are safe for people with diabets, but it is more important to maintain and monitor your health before getting them. A comprehensive examination before the tooth implant procedure is a must. For the best results and complete care for all your dental needs, meet the professionals at Clove Dental. Book your appointment with a professional today.

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